Saturday, April 6, 2013

It is quite unlikely..

.. that we won't do any more shopping. What do you want? Have you noticed there are like a zillion malls in Florida? Since we cannot do more than 2 shops in a day (trust me, the women in our group are just so thrilled, they want to pick up every piece of clothing they can lay their hands on), we will run out of time. Hubby and I went back to the Mall at Millenia by ourselves this morning and the others went for a swim. Grandma and aunt Erika had a ball in the jacuzzi and it was great to see them enjoy the sauna. What an adventure this is to them.
Photo Eva Joos

We planned on going to the Premium Outlet Stores this afternoon, but traffic was so hectic we decided to change the plans. The Loop is a great shopping area as well. The girls loved Kohl's! I'm so happy with my new outfits! Like real Americans, we decided to go for Ben & Jerry ice cream, before we headed back home, loaded with new clothes and big smiles on our faces, for that $ 200 discount.. Don't you just love the US?
Photo Eva Joos

On the way back, we stopped at Flipper's Pizzeria, just around the corner of the apartment. We needed supper for the family, since mom & dad had planned a night out at Texas de Brasil. We needed some private time and something else than fastfood. It was a pleasant night and by the time we got home, everybody was sound asleep.. How come we were not amazed that Grandma and auntie Erika had cleaned the whole apartment? After all, it was Friday.. You cannot go to bed on a Friday night without having cleaned the house, right?

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