Sunday, April 7, 2013

Crocodile Dundee

The day started out as usual, with breakfast at the apartment. While the others where still sound asleep - Grandpa not included, as he gets up at 4:00 AM - I cooked breakfast to feed the crowd. I love having a kitchen here, so I can be in control of what's being served. Of course I needed to get some more groceries to be able to prepare lunch today.

Photos Eva Joos
Our family spent the morning at the pool, enjoying the Florida sun and the refreshing water. Not long after lunch, we left for Boggy Creek, to hunt for gators. We have paid Boggy Creek a visit 2 years ago and we wanted to share this experience with the inlaws too. It's no more than a 1 hour and a half ride before you get to ride an airboat. We made sure to bring some warm jackets, as it can get pretty cold on the water. We were so happy to have our private photographer with us. Eva made wonderful shots of our outdoor adventure. We saw a small 3 yo alligator and lots of beautiful herons and grey egrets, white ibises and even a woodstork. We were amazed to see cattle in the water, looking for tender grass at the other side.

At the end of the ride, our company got to hold a young alligator, 8 pounds of weight. Grandma and auntie Erika were a little hesistant at first, but they faced their fears and "hugged" the gator. I'm so proud of them!

Having a great time at Boggy Creek
There wasn't too much sun today, although the weather forecast promised us more. I can't believe we had to drive more than 1 hour to find a place where we could sit down and have an ice cream. I guess we're getting spoiled here.. We visited Applebee's for the first time and we all enjoyed our way too sweet desserts.. What a great idea to share desserts in the US. We should have something like that at home too.

Before going to dinner at Cracker Barrel's, we enjoyed some more time at the pool and in the jacuzzi. Life can be so sweet...

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