Thursday, April 11, 2013

Sheer joy

Aunt Erika has been a devoted catholic nun all her life. She's a doll. She's just so sweet and helpful and fun to be around. We are so happy she came along and she's having the time of her life. She had done some research beforehand, so she knew what we could visit. But most of all: she enjoys the sun..  it is so relaxing to her to just lie down on a beach towel and enjoy the sunbeams on her body. Simple things can make one real happy..

We had already visited Clearwater on a previous day, but we wanted to show our guests the beach on the Atlantic ocean as well. So we headed towards Cocoa Beach. The sun was out - 29°C is awesome -  and the sand on the beach warmed our bodies. What a pleasure to have parking lots, restrooms and showers just beside the beach area. Aunt Erika is not a good swimmer, but she dared herself and took a walk in the ocean, all the way up to her waist. She loved the feel of the salty water but she held my hand real tight.
Photo Eva Joos - The Lookout Clearwater 
I was touched by her happiness for the small things in life.. The way she enjoys a simple sandwich or the joy of choosing her own flavor of ice cream, makes us realize how spoiled we are and how abundant we live. It's good to have her around..
Eva - Cocoa Beach, Florida

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