Friday, April 12, 2013

There's no escape

Dinner at Bahama Breeze
Our vacation is coming to an end.. We are sad to know that tomorrow we have to head home. It's been such a wonderful stay and we had a great time together. But all good stories have to come to an end somehow. Our last dinner together at the Bahama Breeze Restaurant was a delight. Grandpa even said he had the best Baby Back Ribs ever. It could also be because he really liked the waitress though..

It was a bit emotional too, reflecting over the past days in Kissimmee, Florida. It will be a vacation we will remember for a very long time. It was a unique occasion for the inlaws and Auntie Erika, as well as it was for us. Who would have thought we would actually have gone through with this idea? None of us..

The sun was so hot today. We enjoyed some extra time at the pool. Tired from going out the previous days, we fell asleep in our beach chairs. And no, we did not put on any sunscreen... I know, I know, it's unforgivable and we've been there before. It will heal and the after sun will sooth our sore skin. We will have a nice tan by the time we come home, I may hope so..  It will be a painful night as it's hard to bear any fabric on our skin right now.. No pain, no gain?

While Eva and grandpa stayed at home, the rest of us went for a walk in Celebration. It's a town you just have to visit while staying in Kissimmee. Brandnew, spotless and calm.. You can compare it to Knokke, but newer and more lovely. One of our favorite shops has to be the Woof Gang Bakery,

where special treats are being baked to be gobbled up by dogs and cats only. Just imagine.. we didn't bring any for our whippets, since they are on a diet in Holland and we don't want to ruin their waistline.. It was tempting though..

It's been great. It's been an adventure. It's been our pleasure to bring our 3 guests along. Thanks to all who made this trip possible. Thank you hubby, for giving us the opportunity to come here and spend a delightful holiday..

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