Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Taking time to refuel

The day started early but slowly. Around 6:40 I heard noises in the TV room. I took a peek and saw that the front door was open.. guess who was outside, roaming around the premises? Exactly.. Grandpa had been up and going for a couple of hours. We picked him up at the front desk, sipping his cup of coffee, to take him grocery shopping, while the others where still dreaming their sunny dreams.
It's just fabulous that Walmart is open 24/7. We drove up to the store in Clermont, to get some necessities for breakfast and lunch. Fresh fruit, loaves of bread, drinks and cold cuts and some more pantry staples. The trunk was filled to the roof so we headed back towards Caribe Cove. Time to cook breakfast and wake up the lazy bones.

Eva was ready to go to the pool and get a tan. After all, you have to enjoy the Florida sun and get bronzed while you're here. We showed our family around and had a pleasant talk with the manager. It was good to see her again.

Cleaning up after a quick home made lunch of Cuban bread with sirloin steak, we were thinking about what we were going to do in the afternoon. Winter Garden Village seemed like a good option! I'm not sure if the men were as thrilled about spending hours in the mall as we were, but they surely didn't complain. We fed them Red Mango frozen yogurt and a drink at Uno Chicago Grill while we got to spend money in our favorite shops. Happy faces on both sides of the sexes!

Okay, some of us got sunburn.. we still have to get used to the idea of putting on sunscreen. We'll do better tomorrow.

Good thing the car is big enough to hold lots of shopping bags. We had dinner at Mimi's Café in Winter Garden Village, before we crashed at the apartment. Looking forward to another day in the sun. 

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