Wednesday, May 1, 2013

He is the cheese to my macaroni

The broad smile on her face, that went from ear to ear, said it all. "It's been three months today", she informed me. I saw her eyes twinkle like stars. She's madly in love.. It really warms my heart to witness that pure love. She said he had a surprise for her. No school on May 1st, so the ideal day to go out and have fun in the sun. He was going to pick her up on his Dax. Yes, that same vehicle our little girl is dying to buy. He has had one for over 2 years now and he's a good driver. I thought 20 km was a bit too far to come pick her up. But the idea was real romantic and sweet. He definitely wanted to see her..  

We decided I was going to drive our kiddo to a different meeting point. Grandma's house sounded like a good deal, since it's on the way to BF's (boyfriend) house. He had not forgotten to bring an extra helmet, size S. How considerate! I saw her hop on his Dax and put her feet right where they belonged. I could tell she had been on that Dax before. She blew me a kiss, just like she did when she was a toddler. Holding her arms around his waist, they left for a surprise picknick in the woods. I was truly moved by this gesture. What a nice young man.. He's a lucky man too, for he has picked an amazing girl as his girlfriend..

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