Thursday, May 9, 2013

In a slight state of shock

I'm not exaggerating but I was truly in a slight state of shock, when I looked into the software of my Dexcom. Since the last meeting with the Dexcom rep and the phone call with my diabetes nurse, my numbers have been so much better. This time I have plenty of energy to fill out my food diary. It's no problem to write down what I've been eating or checking my BG. I have a date with my endocrinologist beginning of June and I'm sure he will be surprised to see the results of these few months with Dexcom. Not many doctors are truly convinced by this concept, but that is because they don't see enough patients who use it on a permanent base. I remember one of my doctors telling me, that by no means I would be able to get those high peaks out of my system. Because they are part of having type 1 diabetes. Well, I don't agree. I won't say it's easy to work things out, but it can be done. It takes a lot of work and I need to remain alert. It's not always possible to bolus half an hour before I start having a meal or a snack. It needs concentration to think about the amount of carbs I'm going to have half an hour before mealtime. But it's feasible. Looking at the results, it's worth the effort and I'm ready to try out new things. My nights have been so much better. Staying away from lows and highs, I am rested in the morning. I wake up before the alarm and my head is not that heavy. I hope my weight will come down again if I can prevent more lows from happening. At least those swings in my BG have reduced and that's what I was looking for.

For the first time in years, I am using my Multiwave bolus for every meal or snack. I dose most of the insulin right away and save the rest to be delivered over one hour. That in combination with the bolus half an hour before mealtime, is doing the trick. Never give up on your diabetes treatment. There is a way for all of us, to get better control...


Scott K. Johnson said...

Holy wow those graphs are BEAUTIFUL! Congratulations!

Very nicely done! I need to start experimenting with pre-bolusing for things, too. I'm always afraid of the insulin getting too far ahead of me. But hearing your method and seeing those incredible graphs is pushing me towards trying.

Can you tell me a little more about why the square wave over an hour? What's the idea behind that?

Cathy Van de Moortele said...

Hi Scott,

I'm really impressed with my Dexcom. Went to see my endocrinologist this week and he was happy to see my graphs and my new "state of mind".
I do the multiwave (square wave) to prevent my numbers from going up in the 400 region. I don't get the logic behind it, but it works. I only do standard bolus for corrections.

Give it a try Scott. If you have CGM, you will be able to intervene if things might go wrong. Good luck!