Wednesday, May 8, 2013

School's out for summer

I can't believe this school year is already coming to an end. It's your last year in highschool. Today was a special day for all of you. You were celebrating the last 100 days in highschool. All dressed up, you and your friends left the house in the middle of the night, on your bicycles, to Eeklo, where all of the excitement was going on. You had a blast! Looking like a rock chick, tattoos and all, you wandered around town, celebrating and cheering.

Tonight, there will be a mega party for all the students. It won't be too long before class 6D will split. It will be a strange sensation, to say goodbye to highschool. I remember my days and how things would never be the same again. Enjoy those last months sweetie... You're almost off to college now. We came to the realization that you won't spend much time at home anymore. That's okay with us. That's the way things go huh? It's part of growing up and moving out. You're ready. Go girl!

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