Sunday, May 5, 2013

Maintenant je sais

For over one year now, I have had the opportunity to come to your house and spend time with you. You have grown taller and our bond has become stronger. You know when I'm with you. Although you are not able to tell me, I feel that you enjoy my presence. The way you tuck your head into my neck when we cuddle up on the couch, gives me such a warm feeling. I can honestly say that you are a very special girl and you have your own ways to let people know that you care about them.

When I applied for this job, your parents told me about the epileptic seizures. That they may occur every now and then and that I shouldn't be afraid. That it's best not to hold you while having an episode, but to put you into your chair or to lay you down on your changing table. It is important that I talk to you and comfort you and let you know that you are having a seizure. You must hear that it will be over soon and that you'll feel better afterwards.

No more than week ago, I asked myself why you had not had seizures in my presence during that year. Did you want to protect me? Did you think I was not ready to witness one?
Last Saturday, I was saying goodbye to you and your daddy, when all of a sudden, your eyes rolled back and your limbs started to tremble. Your daddy held your hand and struck your arms. He talked to you in a very calm voice and told me that you were having a seizure. I held your other hand and we both remained calm and spoke to you in a soft voice. It didn't take much longer than one minute before you came back and I was relieved to hear your laughter. You were euphoric that the seizure was over. You laughed out loud and you waved your arms and legs in an attempt to let us know you were okay.

I'm glad your dad was there. It was the first time I had witnessed an epileptic episode. I'm okay with it. My blood sugar dropped instantly but I knew that was going to happen. I knew you were okay and that was the most important...

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Anonymous said...

Het is inderdaad wel fijn dat het de eerste keer gebeurde met haar papa er nog bij, hé. Als je hier van 'fijn' kunt spreken, uiteraard ... *hug*