Saturday, May 4, 2013

Does this sound count as annoying?

Back in the '80s, we were in the midst of renovating our house. Because of all the dust and the work going on, we temporarily moved in with our grandparents for a couple of months. They lived in a different town but not that far off. My grandparents were really funny people. They loved to laugh and we had a wonderful time staying there. It must have been around the summer that we were hosted in their house, because I remember the jingle of the ice cream truck. Most of the time, my siblings and I were playing outside. Their was a rectangular grass field not far from the house. A small chapel was on one of the sides and we used to play ball there. As soon as we heard the ice cream truck, we would race back to grannies house and beg for some change. She would always give us the money to buy ice cream. We would pick a corn with one or two flavors of ice cream. Grandma would pick an ice cream sandwich, 3 flavors in one: vanilla, chocolate and strawberry. When I think of it, I can still see her lick the sides, her eyes closed so she would enjoy her treat to the fullest. I don't recall my grandfather having any. Maybe he wasn't home around that time, I don't remember.
I have good memories of the time I spent with my grandparents. Grandma was there for us and we could always play outside with our friends until sunset. Sometimes our uncle stopped by. He owned an MG convertible and every time he drove into that street, he would honk his horn to warn us. We were all chipper and jumping up and down so he would take us along for a ride..

Nowadays, there is no more ice cream truck in our town. It's a shame. There used to be one, when we just bought the house. Some neighbors complained about the hour the truck drove through town. Their kids would be in bed and rush downstairs to get a cold treat. Maybe the truck will come back one day... just maybe. Just for old time's sake..

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