Monday, May 13, 2013


Today is the day. You have been in pain for way too long. There was no rush to go see a doctor, since doctors and you don't match. But it has come to a point, that there is no more time to waste. Your knee looked twice as big as usual and the pain killers were disappearing faster than ever. So you went to see our GP. Like I thought, he forwarded you to the hospital, to take a scan of that painful knee. We all knew the inevitable outcome of that scan: an operation. That's what you have dreaded all along. It's the only solution though. You like to play tennis and do sports. It's not possible to keep working out with a knee that won't cooperate. 

Your baby brother has been a great help in getting an early appointment. Surgeons are very popular and their waiting list is longer than my wishlist. I expected them to schedule the operation around September. But hey! you were lucky! You had to wait no longer than one week before they will operate your knee. I know it freaks you out since you cannot stand pain. But you're in good hands. Your brother will be there to keep an eye on you and to make sure everything goes well. Don't worry. You may close your eyes and before you know it, you will be awake and in your room. I'll be there, to help you sit up and encourage you. It will be hard at first and you won't be able to climb the stairs. We'll make you a bed downstairs and there are crutches in the car so you can move around when you are ready. 

Good luck hubby. You'll do just fine.


Scott K. Johnson said...

Hope your guy got through it alright and is feeling a bit better by now!

Cathy Van de Moortele said...

The operation went well and he didn't have any pain. I'm so happy he's fine now.