Sunday, July 7, 2013

Fatty Pierre

Can you imagine my astonishment, when you told me you and your boyfriend had come up with a different nickname for me? I burst out in laughter and at the same time I was offended by the idea. Go figure! You had been reading some posts I had written on the diabetesforum and you were talking to your boyfriend about it. He wasn't too sure about the contents and he told you not to trust the Internet. After all, we don't know who's behind the nickname, right? When your partner told you, this "meurtelken" person could be a totally different person in real life, you were a bit shocked. Maybe the She was not a she, but a he. Maybe the She was a enormous fat and lonely guy, looking for some companionship. OMG... He even named me Fatty Pierre! But then again.. he's right. You never know who's behind a nickname. A picture doesn't say it all. It's so easy to copy someone else's picture and pretend it's you. I know I have thought the same about other people I met online. They would always stay away from meetings so it made us wonder if the online person was truly the person he claimed to be. Be careful, when you're out there surfing the net. Be careful when you are confiding in people you've never met. I'm sure there are plenty of Fatty Pierres and Creepy Carolines online. Trust your own instinct and check out who you've been talking to... It might lead to a new friendship or it might teach you a lesson in life.

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