Monday, July 8, 2013

Pinky promise

I believe he promised his little girl, that he would take care of her. At all times, for always. I was sitting in her room, 7:20 PM sharp. She was ready to go to bed. She could tell things were not normal, since normally, I'm not there at nighttime. She was a bit restless and distracted, so I sat down. Her daddy had put down a chair for me and he had asked me not to speak in her room. We didn't want to disturb the routine, as that is very important for the little Princess. I totally agreed and I sat down and watched. Only the dimmed light on the bedside table was on and the room was dark and ready for the night. The only noise to be heard, was the humming sound of the aerosol and little Princess breathing in the fumes of her medication. Daddy was stroking her hand and she held on to his index. I sat there, very quietly, enjoying this serene ritual. I was proud of this little girl. I was happy and honored that her parents let me in to this part of her world. It was moving to see the love between a father and his 5 year old daughter. No words needed. Love was ubiquitous. Tears were in my eyes, for this love is so pure, so unconditional. I kissed her goodnight, in the air, for I didn't want to wake her up or disturb the sound of silence. We sneaked out of her room in total darkness, tiptoeing to make sure not one sound would wake her up. Sweet dreams, little Princess... I'll see you tomorrow x 

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