Monday, July 22, 2013

Paris s'éveille

Il est 5 heures, Paris s'éveille..

There is a small chance that you will wake up this early to slip outside to take pictures of your
Photo Thijs Penny
favorite city Paris. You have been given the unique chance, to spend a week in Paris with one of your classmates and his mom. Completely excited and thrilled to go, you packed your bags and got a train ticket to complete this wonderful journey. The sun will be out all week and there won't be the need of getting that umbrella out of your backpack. Thanks to the Internet, you were able to look into finding great spots to visit and plan the week with your friend. He's a great guy and the two of you are hilarious together. He makes you laugh and his laughter is so contagious it brings tears to my eyes.

There will be so many stories to tell. Every now and then we get a text message from you or an update on your Facebook profile. It's good to hear where you are and despite the burning sun, you are having a ball. Enjoy your vacation pumpkin. It'll be a week to remember.

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