Thursday, August 29, 2013

He loves me, he loves me not

Being a teen is never easy. Being a teen in love is drama. Still discovering yourself, you need to think about how you look, how others feel about you, if what you say is interesting and what you do sufficient. You feel insecure and not loved and some days, you just don't know what to do with yourself. Include hormonal mood swings and we all know teen moments can be really hard. One day you feel like a queen, to fall apart just a couple of hours later.

I remember being in love and I mean, like completely in love with this guy. Not knowing how he truly felt about me. He was a couple of years older than me and I was not his first love. Feeling pretty insecure about myself, I would have done anything to please him. Just thinking about losing him, would make tears well up into my eyes. I would scribble down little notes for him and try to see him as often as I could (we attended the same class, although he was older than me) and most of the time he would flirt back and be nice and caring. At other times, he would like ignore me and hang out with his friends and give me the feeling I wasn't important to him. That would literally shatter my heart. At times it hurt so bad, I thought I would never get over it. But then he would glue the pieces and make me feel better.

I'm older now. I no longer depend that much on what others think of me. Being a teen can make you feel so insecure about yourself. You only want to love and be loved. It feels great if the other significant in your life tells you how pretty you are or how you make him laugh. Being together and make out is the most wonderful feeling and all you can think of is: how not to end it. So much energy goes into your relationship that there is almost none left for you. You forget to pamper yourself and do things you like and hang out with your friends without thinking or talking about your crush. Nowadays, I can look back at those teen years with a smile. It were hectic days at times. Love can be very complicated. If I had known back then, that it is as important to love yourself as to love someone else, it would have made things easier. You don't have to depend on others to feel good about who you are. Embrace who you are, love yourself for who you are. It makes loving others easier and less complicated. 

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