Wednesday, August 28, 2013

It's all about the details

You're a very sensitive and considerate young lady. There's this part of you, that feels for others and makes you very lovable and a good friend. You have a good eye and fine ears, to figure out what interests people and what keeps them busy. I wish I had a bit more of your talent. I'm more of a talker and I'm sure you could teach me some skills.

My birthday was coming up and without my knowledge, you had been searching the Internet for the perfect birthday gift. I didn't expect any presents from anyone, but knowing that you have been thinking about the best present, warms my heart. You know how baking and cooking is my cup of tea. My book shelves are packed with cook books and I'm picky about the ones I buy. Not just any cook book gets a special spot. I read those books like I would read a novel. Fifty shades of Grey is boring and nothing, compared to some of my cook books that I can read over and over again. So when you picked that one special cook book for me, you did the right thing! It was not yet in my cabinet, the contents looked very promising and it was full of pretty pictures (I love food pictures and hate to prepare recipes that don't come with an exciting photograph). I was truly amazed by how well you know me and how well you did in finding me the right cook book. Days have been pretty hectic around here lately and I haven't had much chance to go through the book, but this morning, in the early hours, I found the time to sit down and start reading. I fell in love with the book immediately. I like the way Sally Butcher (how twisted is that, to write a vegetarian cook book if your last name is Butcher?) announces and documents her recipes. It's like being invited to sit down with her at an enormous dinner table, filled with exotic and delicious food platters. I can see her hands stained with pomegranate juice, clouds of lost flour in her hair and a sink full of pots and pans that need to be scrubbed down. Because that's what she does, this Miss Butcher. She makes you long for her recipes and you can't wait to go grocery shopping and enter your kitchen for days worth of fun.

Thank you cutie face, for reading me so well. I'm really happy with my new cook book. I'm not sure your daddy will like the vegetarian dishes but I know I will (he's Mr Meat). I hope one day, you will find a gap in your busy schedule to dive into that kitchen with me and have some mommy and daughter time. 

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