Saturday, August 17, 2013

Something has changed within me

That's what you must have thought, when you asked your daddy if he could help you repaint your room. You wanted a fresh start, a new slate to write on. Both of you have been working for a whole week, meaning you had to get up early in the morning. That's a big issue for you, since you hate getting up early. But you did, without moaning or complaining. No time to fuss around in the bathroom or blow dry your hair, because your daddy was waiting for you to sand the walls. It was a good thing, the interaction between you and your father. Quality time with a good ending, because that room deserves some credit now! It's completely what you wanted. All white and clean and spotless. I'm sure you will enjoy your room a whole lot more now. It will bring you positive thoughts and happy moments.

Your daddy is a good lad. I can no longer count the number of times he went up those stairs all the way to the attic, bringing in paint and brushes and helping you make those walls white. I know how much he wanted to spend some time outside in the sun, to celebrate his holidays. But he loves you and he found it as important to give you the room you wanted.

Enjoy this fresh start cutie. I saw your eyes shine today. But your boyfriend coming over today, will probably have helped as well..

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