Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Not for males??

When you think of the brand name Tupperware, what is the first thing that crosses your mind? What kind of people do you see, packing food in Tupperware containers? Does your favorite Tupperware container make you smile, when you think of the goodies your mom used to bake you to bring to school?

I can't believe there's one family in my surroundings that doesn't have their share of Tupperware. Most people have several pieces and some even have their own Tupperware cabinet full. I honestly thought my kitchen cabinets were loaded with boxes and appliances. But what I experienced yesterday, was beyond all expectations. I was truly gobsmacked! My fingers were itching and my heart beats were faster than normal. Even faster than when I get a plate full of my favorite sushi. And you know how I love sushi!

I completely forget this kitchen belonged to a man. In fact, it belongs to two men. Two wonderful cooks and two Tupperware geeks. They won't mind me saying that, because it is meant in a very friendly way. You could call them Tuppaholics, but that sounds a bit negative. No negativity in this kitchen. A bright and sunny place, to experience wonderful cooking moments together or with friends. This guy can teach me things. He got bitten by the Tupperbug at a very young age. His mom nodded and confirmed his story. I could tell she was proud of him. I'm proud of him too. This is a great addiction! I can relate to his pride and enthusiasm. Thank you Eric, for having me over. Looking forward to our upcoming culinary party. Spread the word! Tupperware is NOT only for women..

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