Wednesday, September 18, 2013


They expect very little of me. All they want, is that I take care of their little girl in the best way possible. I nourish her, tube feed her the medication she needs and cuddle her on the couch, while she takes one of her naps. I've been taking care of Kiddo for 1 year and a half now and there hasn't been one day of hesitation to leave for work. Every other week I don't work on the weekend. I do miss her if it's been a while. Although she doesn't talk, we understand each other. I talk to you and I sing songs for you. I tell you stories and I comb your hair. I change your knickers and hold your pacifier for you.

I feel blessed, for your parents have asked me to work extra hours. About 9 hours extra a month until the end of the year and then 18 hours extra a month from January on. I didn't have to think it over. Another chance to spend time with you and learn from you. You are very special Kiddo. Whenever you cross my mind, I can see your pretty smile and hear your sound of laughter..

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