Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Overwhelming feelings

Photo Eva Joos
You had mixed feelings about this new schoolyear getting started. Finally you would have the chance to see more of your friends. Some of them had a job during the holidays (so did you, YAY), so you couldn't see each other that often. Overall, we can say your 2 months vacation were packed with fun activities. The weather was nice, your friends were welcome in our house, you had your boyfriend to hang out with. There were parties to attend and movies to be seen. Life has gone back to normal now, meaning you can no longer sleep in until noon. This year, you no longer have to share the bathroom with your sister, for she's a college student now and her school doesn't start until September 18. I'm sure it's your time now to enjoy that time alone in the morning.

We were anxious to hear about your first day in school. You were a bit sad your friends are no longer in the same class and having lunch together won't happen because your schedule is different from theirs. You keep track of each other using your smartphones, but that is just not the same. I understand your sadness sweet pea.

Maybe we should take a look at your class picture and see if there's someone left in your class to hang out with. You like the 6th graders too, but I hear they can leave school for lunch (and you can't since you're in 5th grade). We'll talk about. All we want for you, is to be happy and have a good time in school. We're proud of who you are.

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