Sunday, December 15, 2013

Christmas time

Photo Lana Joos
It's Christmas time. Driving around at night, I can see houses lit in Christmas lights. Beautifully decorated Christmas trees and presents stacked around them. Chris Rea is - once again - singing his Driving home for Christmas while I'm in the car, on my way home from a night out at the theater. I'm thinking of baking cranberry cookies as a gift for my sisters-in-law and figuring out a way of getting us all look our best for the holidays. We are so lucky to still be having our inlaws. When it comes to family gathering, they always open up their home for all of us. Trust me, there's more of us every year. Now the oldest nephews and nieces have started dating, we get to know new people. This year, there's a wonderful new baby in the family as well. It's good to know that all family members do their best to cooperate and make Christmas an everlasting memory. I no longer fear the extra pounds that seam to cling to our hips every year, since I gave up on Fat Talk. I do the best I can to eat healthily most of the time. There will be several options on Christmas Eve and I know many of us will embrace that thought.
I hope you will all enjoy your family and wish you and your beloved ones an exquisite time together.

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