Wednesday, September 23, 2009

100 things your kids may never know about

My husband's grandfather and I bonded real well. We spent quite some time together while we lived with the in-laws for 6 months. He often told me about how many new things had been invented in a short period of time. He remembered riding his horse and cart - not even that long ago - and now people have two cars! He was always startled by the radio in the car. Whenever he heard the radio in the car, he looked out for the marching band, playing the music he heard. It was rather funny but also moving.
In the short period of time that our children have lived on this Earth, some new things have entered our world. Think of the DVD player, Digicorder, MP4, I Phone, flatscreen TV, cell phones, digital cameras, online shopping ..
If I go back some more years, I remember our first microwave, the first computer that entered our house, the walkman I had saved for, the first CD I bought, the Internet, a videorecorder.. I believe there must be 100 things our kids may never know about, if we go back in time far enough. Call it nostalgia.
It's funny to hear your daughter ask how we put those big black CD's in the CD player - she found an old Jesus Christ Superstar record. They like to hear stories about "the old days". To them it's pretty normal to take an airplane to go see other countries. Or to text their friends to tell them what time they are supposed to be in music class. They cannot even imagine what their life would be like without the Internet. They should've worked on the computer 20 years ago, if they think our computer is slow. Or maybe next time they have to give in a school paper, they should try to type it out on a mechanic typing machine, instead of using Word with the spelling check on the portable.

I wonder what the next inventions will be in the 5 years to come. Do you have any idea?

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