Friday, September 18, 2009

Dinner on demand

You get 4 meals a day in school. Two of them are hot meals. There's a great variety in diet to choose from. But school's kitchen is not mum's kitchen, so you tell me. You miss my food...
On Friday you text me around noon what you would like to have for dinner when you come home. It's kind of like having a dinner on demand. I like doing that for you, it gives me a good feeling.
Today, you have ordered a typical Belgian dish: vol-au-vent and home made French fries. It's a chicken casserole with white sauce, small meatballs, mushrooms (I'll skip those for you) and of course a lot of chicken! Normally we serve the vol-au-vent in a fresh baked piece of puff pastry, but you don't care too much for that. I enjoy watching you have dinner and telling us about your week in school. It's good to have the whole family around the table and have dinner together.

P.S. I have made bread pudding for you. Surprise!

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