Tuesday, September 29, 2009

We've been down that road before

Earlier this year, I had a first experience working as a personal assistant, for a disabled lady who needed an extra pair of hands. Yesterday I had a job interview with another courageous disabled lady, who happens to live real close to our house. She's a jolly and entertaining woman and we did a lot of chit chatting. We discussed our wishes concerning the job contents and the job is really appealing to me.

Just a little while after I got home, she called me and asked me if I could start October 1st. What do you think? Of course! It's good to have a job again and I have the feeling we'll get along well. Being a personal assistant is a great and fulfilling job and I'm looking forward to it. I'll be helping her out every Tuesday and Thursday. She's a very outgoing person and she loves to go to the mall, to go for a walk, to go out and have a bite in a nice restaurant.
Let's hope her wheel chair isn't too big for my car. If it is, we can still try out hubby's beamer. I believe his trunk to be bigger.

I haven't told Rebba yet. One day a week, she will have to be all by herself. I don't know yet how she will respond to that. Maybe the neighbors can help me out and come and check on her once in a while? I'll ask them today.

It feels awkard and strange, to go back to work. But then again, I'm looking forward to it and I'm confident we will get along just fine.

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