Saturday, October 31, 2009

The beauty salon

She just finished taking a shower and washing her delicate skin with a fragrant body shampoo. A colorful towel is laying on the heating, until she comes out of the shower. Little drops of water on the floor are the only remains of her being in the bathroom. She's quiet. The radio is on. She's getting ready. I hear her click clack when she tiptoes into the kitchen. She likes me to blow-dry her hair and rub her back with a soft towel. She's had her nails done just the other day. She smells of perfume and the intense scent tingles my nostrils when she paces towards the family room. She settles on the couch and closes her eyes to relax. She sighs. I decide to sit next to her for a while and I give her a cuddle. She kisses me and with her beautiful almond shaped eyes, she has me wrapped around her little finger. I decide to take her on an outing. She's so happy when I make the suggestion and she's so willing to join me. I tell her how happy I am to have her. She doesn't tell me, but I'm sure she feels the same. We get into the car and we drive off.. She's a true lady. She's elegant and slim and she has a phenomenal waistline. She has no fat on her bones and her long legs are well shaped, as is her bum. Of course she's blond and her eye lashes are long and thick. Her teeth are white and clean and straight. Her neck is long and very attractive. So are her collar bones. She's wearing a beautiful necklace. I'm so fond of her.. she's such a delight, our cute little Rebba-dog..

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