Sunday, November 1, 2009

The surrendered wife

Saying less is more, is the motto of men who like to boss their wives around. Women are supposed to be humble and willing and prepared to give up their lives to devote their time to their husbands. Of course the men wear the trousers in these households and they do not tolerate any form of discussion or criticism. They expect their wives to be personal slaves. By no means should these men do any chores around the house. The wife is supposed to thank her husband for picking out the clothes he wants her to wear that day. She should be more than willing to fill his bath tub after a long day at work. It's pretty obvious that he decides what she's going to cook for dinner or when she's supposed to go to bed. Need I say that these women should set their alarm clocks to be up in time to get his favorite breakfast up and ready for him? Obedient wives should be submissive and quiet and the helper of their husbands. It's normal for these women to receive orders from their spouse and they happily devote their time to them.

I don't think it's normal for any woman to be happy picking up the dirty socks he throws on the floor for her. How about respect for the other sex? Did I miss something? Are we going back in time? Have women fought all these years to deserve some respect, for nothing? I'm really surprised to hear that you can sign up for a "surrendered wife course". These courses teach you how to serve your husband and make his life wonderful (and yours miserable, but I guess they forget to tell you that part?). We have fought so long for men to understand NO when a woman says so. Are we really going back there? I just can't believe women are still willing to do so.

I'm sorry hubby, but I'm no Thai woman nor a surrendered wife. I'm never going to be one either. And to be honest? I don't think you would like me if I were..

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