Saturday, October 17, 2009

Rise to the occasion

You are doing real well in boarding school Eva. It appears like you have made the best decision for you. You are happy with the method of studying and the good grades tell us you rose to the occasion. You want to do the best you can and you are prepared to study well. The school is doing a very good job at guiding you kids, and so do the educators in boarding school. Good students in your school are not being picked at. They are no geeks, they are smart kids and they take care of their future. I like that! And so do you, apparently... keep up the good work kiddo!


Upje said...

Formidabel! :-)
Welke richting volgen jouw kids eigenlijk?
Zeg maar een dikke proficiat van mij aan Eva!

Bittersweet said...

Eva zit in het eerste jaar Moderne Wetenschappen en Lana zit in het derde jaar, Economie met 4u wiskunde.
Ze glundert hier met jouw compliment hoor Upje!