Friday, October 16, 2009

Take a hike!

Rebba is a doll, she really is. She has adapted so well in the month and a half she's been living with us. She's got used to our habits and to the other pets in the household. Our tomcat still isn't really sure what to think about Rebba, but she has not given him any reason not to like her. He comes closer to her, day by day, and he's really brave to approach her when she's sleeping. Then Rebba doesn't budge one bit and Arthur feels like he's the boss!
Hubby takes Rebba for a walk on a daily basis. She loves to go outside. I would love to take her on walks, but my shins hurt so much when I take a walk. No doctor has been able to tell me what the cramps in my shins are, but it's not getting any better. So most of the time, hubby and Rebba have a walk date.
Whenever hubby is ready to take Rebba for a walk, Rebba gives me that look, you would expect from a Hush Puppy dog... She wants me to go along and she keeps looking back for me. I really have to tell her to take a hike and get out of the house!!! And then she is playful and happy and totally ready to go run!

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