Sunday, November 15, 2009

Albert Hall

Saturday evening was fab! We had a dinner party appointment in the Albert Hall in Etterbeek, Brussels. The staff members of hubby's work were invited to enjoy dinner and to stretch their legs on the dance floor. I really looked forward to going out and having a good time. And it was a great party. Wonderful people (it had been a while since I last saw hubby's colleagues), excellent dinner (how about tuna sushi with caviar, fresh foie gras ravioli with truffle sauce, venison and a succulent dessert buffet), good music and great company. We were invited to sit at the table of honor and I was seated next to the manager. We get along well and his wife is so energetic and a woman to look up to. Talking French to the manager and his wife, talking Dutch to my friends on the other side, it didn't matter. I love to speak other languages and I had a great time. I even danced! And if you know me: you know I definitely never dance! So you will believe me if I say I had a really good time.

Too bad my sugar went low again.. I hate it when that happens on an evening out. That stupid 36 mg/dl on my meter changed my mood completely and I was ready to go home. On those days, I despise Diabetes and I wish I was never diagnosed. Most of the time, I cope with it real well, but yesterday was a true emotional rollercoaster and my BG took a ride on it.

We were invited to go to Mexico. The manager has a house over there and we are very welcome to stay there if we want to. So maybe one, we will finally visit this wonderful country..

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