Monday, November 16, 2009

Girls can do anything

boys can do, and we can do it in high heels. Seriously. I always tell my girls they can do anything they want in life. Being a girl can't stop them from achieving their goals. They don't need to wear high heels right away though. They're too young to ruin their feet!

Many years ago, there were jobs for men only and some only for women. Okay, I must admit, it is weird to see a man work as a midwife or a kindergarten teacher and it's different to see women work as bricklayers. But it happens. And if that is what makes them happy, why not? It's not obvious for girls to attend a boy's school. I remember a young man in our school, who wanted to be a kindergarten teacher. He lasted for maximum 5 months I think. He couldn't cope with all his female colleagues. Girls that try to survive in a working environment of mostly men, need to be strong minded and pigheaded, to continue to do their job. Some men don't like women on their work floor. Others think it's pretty much okay, as long as they keep up with the men.

I always wonder what profession our daughters will choose..

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