Friday, November 27, 2009

Cool dudes!

I love to watch my youngest brother-in-law fool around with his 3 yo son. Kiddo is the youngest of the grandchildren and he's spoiled all right! Just like his daddy, he rides his own motor cycle, an Easy Rider, to be more specific. He's an awesome kid and he knows all the cool moves. His daddy takes him to the swimming pool all the time, and Kiddo has no fear of water whatsoever. He will try out any slide in the pool or dive into the water without hesitating. He's a real dare devil, without seeking the danger of getting hurt.

The other grandchildren think it's great that Kiddo has those very special Skull Shoes. They look great on him. He's a real dude. Just like his dad I guess.. He's a special child and we all love to hang out with him. He's a real rugrat, full of joy and energy. He loves to play outside and cross the swords with his favorite cousin. And you should see him handle the control of the playstation. Like he's never done anything else in his life!

You're doing a terrific job PJ, at raising Kiddo. I'm proud of you!

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