Thursday, November 26, 2009

Trying to make sense in nonsense

You are very wise and absolutely adorable. You keep a blog every now and then and I love to read you. The way you think about life, the manner in which you write your lines, the logic behind your thoughts and the images I see when I read about your daily life, make me smile. You are leading an interesting life, going abroad to catch some sun rays and enjoy the moderate paste of Southern life. You are a wonderful nana to your grandchildren (they are the cutest!!!) and a terrific mother to your grown up children. We have met a few times now and you promised me to take me on a sightseeing tour in your favorite town: Brussels. I'm looking forward to that! I'd better wear my sneakers, to keep up with you. I may be the younger one, but you are the more energetic one of the two. Did I already say how well you are with clothes? You always seem to pick the right outfit and you could be a resident of Monaco. You look more like a princess than our princess Mathilde does. I'm curious about you and I want to know a whole lot more about you. I know you like fish - preferably fresh fish - and you like to swim. I suppose you don't combine both?
You like the sun, you like the French language and the French way of life. You adore your children and grandchildren and you are a terrific host whenever they come visit you down South. But you are as happy after they leave the house and let you relax by the pool, wearing your favorite shades.
You are a very classy lady. A little aristocratic, if I may say so. It suits you well. And I hate you for never having a bad hairday!
You are as true a delight as Côte d'or Milk chocolate. I assume I needn't say any more? Thank you for being you and making me a better me..


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