Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The father daughter thing

You are such a daddy's girl. It's great to see you interact with your father. The two of you are just hilarious together. You don't need words to understand one another. You like to crawl up against your dad on the couch. Then he will tell you to stop clinging to him. That always leads to a fight. Not a real fight, more like a cat's fight. You will punch him, he will tickle you, you will punch him again and he will tickle you some more. And then you are on top of him, trying to be the strongest of the two. You should know by now though, that your dad is stronger than you are and he's not good at losing. He wants to win. So do you. So the two of you keep going until someone gets hurt. I guess it's a father daughter thing. It's great to watch.

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