Thursday, November 12, 2009

The Secret Millionaire

Some people are very fortunate, speaking financially. I mean, really fortunate. As in rich, as in millionaire rich. Most of them have gathered their fortune by working amazingly hard. Others have a family fortune that started centuries ago.
I would like to be a millionaire. It must be great to have all the money you wish for. You know me, and you all know that I'm a giving person, not a receiving person. I like to give, that's who I am. I would like to be a millionaire and have a lot of money to spend on other people. There's charity, there are friends who could use some extras, there's family that might need a helping hand. I would donate a large amount of money to diabetes research. I would like to be a secret millionaire. Nobody would need to know where the money that helped them, came from. That is just not important. It is more important to share than to show off.
Of course, I would keep some money to ourselves. People that say money is not important, are the people that have plenty. You need money to live. Sometimes people need money to survive! It shouldn't be like that..
My eldest daughter was thinking about that the other day. She just couldn't figure out why the government didn't print some extra money to hand out to the people in need. She couldn't understand that a simple piece of paper could be worth that kind of money. If only things weren't that complicated..

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