Monday, November 9, 2009

Help! I need somebody!

You have called me several times in the last couple of weeks. Or at least, your assistants have called me. I haven't answered any of your phone calls. I didn't know what to say. Maybe I'm a coward? Maybe I'm afraid to get too involved again? Maybe I'm afraid of what you are going to ask me? I don't know..

I got a phone call this Friday evening. I was told you had fled your parents' house to go back to your own apartment. Of course you took your baby girl and your tomcat. I know you would never leave her behind. She's your life, she's your everything. You had no assistance that night, and the caller asked me if I could come to take care of you and your baby. I couldn't. I just couldn't... I haven't seen you in 5 months. I have never even met your precious little baby.
I don't understand why you ran off. I thought you had many assistants at your parents' place and you were well taken care off. I thought it was the only way for you to be able to keep your baby girl. You have a progressive disease and you are no longer able to take care of yourself. It's too hard to take care of your baby all by yourself. You need assistance, you need help. I was so happy your parents invited you into their home, to make sure you could keep your baby. They are your back up.

You texted me yesterday. You. Not an assistant. I know how hard it is for you to text all by yourself. You wanted to let me know you are in the hospital. You even told me what room you are in. Is that an invitation to come visit you? I feel for you, I really do. You have intrigued me all along this long and windy road. Can I help you? I don't think so. What can I do? You made choices. You're a grown up and you have a mind of your own. Sometimes I understand you, sometimes I have no idea where you are headed to. You are very clever and you always find your way out.

You told me you were not in the hospital because you are sick. You texted me you are in the hospital because your parents called the police. At least, that's what I understand from your texts. Were you all by yourself in your apartment? Is that it? Didn't you have any assistance for you and the baby? If that is the reason, I understand why the police came after you. It's just too hard kiddo. You shouldn't be all by yourself and your baby needs to be protected.

I hope you will go back to your parents' house. I hope you will find peace and faith in the people around you. I know how suspicious and paranoid you can be. I'm sure nobody wants to hurt your baby or take your baby away from you. I think they want nothing but the best for you and your little baby girl.. I'm pretty sure about that. I hope you will come to your senses..

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