Monday, November 9, 2009

I have to hit the rack

I'm tired... both physically and mentally. I feel pain and strain in my neck, my shoulders and my lower back. My feet feel warm and my foot soles feel overheated. They burn and sting and I have calluses on the bottom of both feet. I have way too many shoes, but not one single pair is good enough to walk on for an entire day. I truly believe my body is giving me signals. It's telling me something is not right. If only I could listen to my body.. If only I could get a good night rest.

Last week's 911 call hasn't done me much good. It still worries me that one day, I will slip into a diabetic coma. I'm wearing my sensor all the time now, although I'm not sure it will be covered by insurance. It makes me feel safer, knowing that the sensor will wake me up in case of a low blood glucose. It's frightening to sleep without it.. I have some friends that have been in a diabetic coma before and they are just fine. But there are also people that are severely damaged after a diabetic coma. Is it so abnormal to be scared?

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