Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Trust him but keep your eyes open

Two middle aged men were in the hospital at the same time, for different surgery procedures. One man woke up after having had a urological surgery, although he had no urological problems at all. The patient that was supposed to have this urological surgery, was seen by another surgeon for a full narcotic check-up he didn't need at all.
It's just not done... Both men have left the hospital by now. One man has to go on with his life, missing a healthy part in his body, due to a mistake by doctors. The other man had the correct surgery after the doctors realised what they had done. The urologist that performed the surgery on the wrong patient, is a very competent person. Nobody knows how this terrible accident could occur.
The hospital has started an intern investigation and have informed both patients and their family straight from the beginning. Both patients have every right to file a complaint against the doctors. Neither one of them has done such a thing so far. They could claim some kind of reimbursement or compensation. How can they ever make up for the missing part in his body though...
It's a good thing there are narcotics to help people through surgery. These stories are rare and it shouldn't scare you to undergo surgery. It's freaky though..

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