Sunday, November 1, 2009

With a little help

My physical health hasn't been what it's supposed to be. Is it old age - LOL - or is it the hard work - LOL again - or is it just wear? I don't know, but it's not getting any easier. Our house is not the smallest house and it takes an effort to keep it clean. I'm normally pretty organised, but when it comes to cleaning, I can't stay focused. I start doing one chore and I continue to the next chore without finishing the first. That's why it's possible that I'm ironing while a bucket of soap water is still standing in the bathroom and the kitchen floor needs to be dried up. Some chores just don't get done, because I lack the energy and the physical well being. That's why we have hired someone to help out. She'll start November 9th and I'm looking forward to having her. It will be wonderful to come home in a clean house that smells of pine tree detergent and has a shiny floor to see your reflection in. I won't be in the house, because I don't want to give her the feeling I'm checking on her. But I will check on her once in a while. I'm a little suspicious, since our last helper has emptied our daughter's piggy bank twice. I hope this lady will be honest enough to be trustworthy.


Upje said...

Oh, fantastisch! Onze 'poetsvrouw' is al verschillende weken niet geweest, nu wij allebei zoveel hebben thuisgezeten (dan komt ze niet), en dat doet je weer dubbel en dik beseffen wat een zegen ze is.

Geniet ervan, meid! :)

Bittersweet said...

ik zal er heel erg van genieten hoor Upje. Het is zalig om thuis te komen in een gepoetst huis en als iemand anders komt schoonmaken wordt er veel beter gelet op het proper houden van het huis.

Hopelijk komt jullie hulp ook snel terug!