Saturday, January 9, 2010

Bed head

I don't like to wash my hair at night. Even if I blow dry it, it won't hold till the next day. Aren't you happy you are already married, if you wake up and come downstairs looking like crap? Or do you look picture perfect like a movie star jumping out of bed? Well.. get over it, I don't. I wake up with a bed head, bad breath, sleepy eyes and messy hair. That's what makes you long for a nice and warm shower, just to rinse the bedbugs away. I remember the old days, where I wouldn't let my boyfriend see me until I had showered. The luxury of being married, is that you can show your bed head to your other half, because he knows you and he's seen you before. He knows it's part of the morning ritual and he won't hate you for it. But you feel so much better after you got rid of the bed head! Time to hop into the shower!!!

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