Saturday, January 9, 2010

Make up doesn't have to look made up

I hear men don't like make up. I also hear they are starting to wear make up themselves. So what's going on? Are they jealous? Are they trying to reidentify themselves and show their feminine side? I agree women shouldn't overdo on the make up. But a little make up won't harm them, will it? I think it's rather posh to wear subtle make up: a thin coat of non-clogging mascara, a firm eyeliner, lip gloss, eye brow gel.. nothing wrong with that. I'm less fond of thick layers of pancake and bright red lipstick. Do you ever see those elder ladies with layer after layer after layer of pancake? Or a red smudge on the teeth because once again they forgot they already put lipstick on? I always tell my girls to tell me if my make up look is overdone. I normally keep make up for special occasions. Since I still don't have any wrinkles at the age of 38 - thank you for the applause, you may sit down now - I don't use any tricks trying to hide them. I wouldn't mind put on some essential make up on a daily basis. In fact - although I'm not in to New Year's Resolutions - I should start putting on a daily make up. Why not?

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