Friday, January 8, 2010

Muffin Bellies and Biscuit Hips

Need I say more? Oh please. Tell me you know exactly what I'm talking about. Ever seen a girl in a skinny jeans, that is just way too skinny for her body, so her belly hangs over it? To make the picture complete, they wear short tops, showing of the piercing in their belly button. Ugh. Really.
Ever opened a carton of crescent roll dough? Know what it looks like when you break it open? Right. The dough pops out of the carton, just in the middle. That's exactly what Biscuit Hips look like.. I hate it when excess fat peeps out of your clothes. Sometimes we want to dress to the latest fashion, but not all of the ideas are meant for all kinds of silhouettes. If you're chubby, skinny jeans and lowcut jeans are just not meant for you. Neither are belly button shirts or tank tops. Try to find clothes that fit you well and make you look your best.
Imagine taking all of your clothes to the local laundrette. Would you dare hang all of your clothes on the clothesline? Not? Then it's time to move on and bin the no-no's. Get over it. There's more to life than excess fat..

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