Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Cute as a cupcake

Oh sweetie! You're 6 weeks old now and you're as cute as a cupcake! The Dutch owner who has been looking after you and your siblings, sent us an email that we may expect you around January 25. That's a week sooner than we thought and we are really thrilled! Just look at you! You are still so tiny, but you look so smart and gorgeous..! I'm so looking forward to having you. You will be spoilt rotten, I can assure you!

The smell of a fresh puppy is something you can't compare to anything else. They are all warm and cuddly and energetic. Our daughters have been telling all their friends about little Inthe - yes that's going to be her name - and I'm sure we'll have a lot of visitors in the near future.

Lana and I like to listen to Arabian music. In the car, we have a Moroccan CD and in one of our favorite songs, the word "inte" keeps coming back. We were singing along when we looked each other in the eye and nodded at the same time: this was going to be Baby's name.. We have no idea what "inte" means, but there's a nice sound to it. We changed it a little bit, to make it look more like a name, and it became "Inthe". Inthe and Rebba. Not bad huh? Your pedigree name is Fiefoerniek's Various Positions. Pretty fancy huh?

Rebba thinks she's a mommy. She's carrying around her little "child" and making nests for it. In two weeks, she will have a puppy to mother around. I'm so anxious to see how she will enjoy this little creature!


Upje said...

Alé, en dit prachtig en schattig pupje wordt dan ooit zo'n lelijke whippet? *grijns*

Ze ziet er (nu dan toch) echt prachtig uit!!!

Bittersweet said...

shame on you!!!! zo'n zoeteke... en lelijk? echt niet. Wacht tot je eens kennis maakt met een whippet, ook jij zal er gek op zijn!

Upje said...

Dan kan ik ze toch nog altijd lelijk vinden? *grijns*

Bittersweet said...

you win... but I still love you xx

Véronique said...

oooh, Inthe-tje, ik ben razend benieuwd. Various Positions is een schitterende naam en ik ben zeker dat je een schitterende deelnemer aan onze clubmatch zal zijn hint hint hint

Bittersweet said...

Clubmatch???? HELLO???