Wednesday, January 13, 2010

I'll be in my office

I would like to have an office. Sounds pretty professional, doesn't it? I would keep my recipes in there, my cookery books, my Apple Notebook, all my stationary,..
I could work there on making my own cookery book. Maybe a book for diabetics?
A sweet little girl sent me an email the other day. It had been her birthday and she was given her own little kitchen apron and cookie cutters. She was dying to make her own cookies! Finding a good recipe is not a problem, if you don't have diabetes.. This little girl is a diabetic. She would love to make sugar free cookies. I'm very willing to help her out. It's a challenge. Cookies need sugar and without it, they do not come out the way you want them to be. Because we know what sugar cookies taste like and we want to come as close as possible.
It's a challenge, but I'm sure I'll come up with a great recipe!


Upje said...

In mijn jonge jaren maakte mijn mama altijd suikervrije cakjes voor mij. Die waren echt héél lekker! Ik zal eens vragen of ze dat recept nog heeft ...

Maar dat zijn natuurlijk nog altijd geen koekjes. Succes ermee!!!

Bittersweet said...

recepten zijn hier altijd welkom hè!