Thursday, January 7, 2010

Drop-dead gorgeous

My friend is gorgeous. Drop-dead gorgeous. She came to my place this morning around 8:00 AM because she was going to help me get the dog to the clinic. Even that early in the morning, she looked sparkly and shining and just wonderful. Her hair always looks perfect, as does her make up and it seems like all of her clothes have never been worn before. She's slim and has a firm body. Above all, she has a vibrant and energetic personality. We always need to catch up in between trips, because she and her partner are abroad most of the time. So whenever she's in Belgium again, we meet and take our time to chat. She's still on a healthy diet and she exercises - she runs! Wow.. I look up to her for that part of her life. I wish I could motivate myself to do the same thing. But it's so not me.. Anyway, I'm happy for her. She looked great and she gave me new energy!

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