Sunday, January 10, 2010


In every school you will find rabble-rousers. A little mischief can be funny and will not distress too many people. But some kids are just over the top and mischief is no longer what they intend. Some kids have no boundaries and no longer know the difference between right or wrong. That's not a thing from this century only. Even way back then, there were rabble-rousers, I'm sure there were. Maybe they were called a different name and maybe they were not in school. But they were around. Rabble-rousers are not per definition bullies. They just want to prank jokes. Maybe they're bored, maybe they're just comedians. What's the reason behind their mischief? Should they be stopped? Should someone step in and tell them they should straighten their act? I don't know. I think it depends on the situation.

I love to hear my children tell school time stories. They may think they are rabble-rousers, but they are definitely not. They want to be hip and act cool and sometimes their friends convince them to prank a joke. But I'm sure they have never had the intention to hurt anyone or be bad. They're good girls. I'm lucky. They have not broken windows in school and neither have they violated the school's rules. I hope things will stay that way. That would mean our girls know their boundaries...

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