Monday, January 25, 2010

We are not that different after all

You and I look a lot alike. We have similar minds and both of us are loving persons. We are not that different after all. I look more after you than I look after the person who gave birth to me. Your daughter and I have more in common than my sister and I ever did. At some stages in our life, we even looked alike! I have a better bond with your son than I ever had with my own brother. And your husband values me more than my father ever will.

I'm happy to have the four of you in my family. It sounds familiar to be around you and the love you give me is natural, true and sincere. There are no tricks nor booby traps. I never have to fear you will no longer love me. You would never hurt me on purpose. You have always done the right thing and treated me with respect. You were there for me, when times were rough and when I felt all alone. You are still there for me. We share the same disease - diabetes - and we can relate to one another when we have a hard time coping with it. We don't have to see each other every week, to know we love each other. I feel welcome at any time.

You are the godmother of my oldest daughter and you love her so much. She can feel that love and sometimes you text message each other. You should see my daughter's face light up when you text her. She's crazy about you...

Thanks for having us over. We had a ball yesterday! We laughed so hard tears were rolling down our cheeks. It warmed my heart to see you enjoy the day.. And what a surprise your son was there too! He's a sweetheart.. Too bad your daughter and her fiancee couldn't make it..
I wish your health were better, so you could come over to our place more often. Life hasn't been easy on you, but you cope and you try to make the best of it.
Maybe I was born in the wrong family? Or maybe I needed that other family to make me become the person I am now: independent, strong and loving, but at the same time a fighter for justice and righteousness. Anyway, I love you mammie and daddy.. you are very dear to me..

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