Sunday, January 10, 2010

Time to tighten the belt

Last night, we went out to dinner with our beautiful teen daughters. I'm so proud of them! They are doing real well in school and both of them are caring and loving and respectful.
We picked a beautiful restaurant nearby. It used to be an old convent and the children had not been there before. As soon as we entered the restaurant, our eyes couldn't do much else but notice the welcoming fire place and the exceptional interior of the building.
We were welcomed by the maître d'hotel in a very pleasant way. He showed us to our table. We were invited to take a glance at the menu, that was totally different from our last visit. I was looking forward to the eggplant feta croquettes though, but the new menu was as promising. So I decided to have a duet of warm and cold foie gras as a starter. And that was a very good choice. The cold foie gras truffles were rolled in poppy seeds and that was surprisingly good! I'm not a Belgian endives lover, but the honey braised endive that accompanied the warm foie gras, was most delicious.
The chef had baked mini whole wheat rolls and they were crisp and tender at the same time. I'm not supposed to eat much bread, because I have slow digestion, but these bread rolls were so good I couldn't resist having some.. And they didn't bother my stomach at all!
My main course was steamed cod on a bed of spinach, mash and fried leeks. The fish was cooked perfectly. I'm a fish lover and this dish was very delicious!
I should've realised by then I had had enough, but I was looking forward to dessert. Nothing sweet, because having read the menu I remembered there was a cheese platter. And I crave cheese! The cheese platter could've been a bit more adventurous. I had a piece of Gruyère, some cheddar and a blue cheese. I missed a special cheese and some fruit or nuts. But it was plenty.
I love my Latte Macchiato and I had one to end the night out. We enjoyed our dinner and the outing. I'm not budging any more tonight..
Our children were happy as well. They love to go out for dinner and they prefer fancy dinners over hot dogs and popcorn. They were pretty impressed by the beauty of the building and the excellent dinner.

To be recommended: Antonia's Brasserie

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