Sunday, February 7, 2010


I'm used to having different allergies: dust, dust mites, dog hair, cat hair, snails, grass, nicotine, drunk men (lol), .. Some allergies are worse than other. Although I'm allergic to dog and cat hair, we have two dogs and one cat. I'm used to them and their hair is no longer a problem to me. Unless I get scratched and my skin and the hair meet. Then I get a rash and my skin starts to itch. Sometimes my eyes sting and my nose runs. I have special tablets to make the symptoms less dramatic. But I only take those if really necessary. Normally I just cope with it.

What I have more problems with, is nicotine. It's just so bad for me. My food allergy for snails and the allergy for nicotine are the worst allergies for me. Spending time in an area where people smoke, is an ordeal for me. My throat feels sore, my eyes sting, my nose itches and I get an overall bad feeling. My body starts to protest, making it hard for me to breathe and speak. The next day is even worse. It leaves me with a stuffed nose, a raw throat, red eyes and spots on my face. And it's not just the allergy. The smell in your hair and on your clothes is not my cup of tea. So the choice not to smoke ever, was a smart choice for me. I know I cannot forbid other people to smoke when they are around me, but most of them are very considerate and they don't smoke in my presence. I don't mind if they smoke outside, as long as they don't expect me to join them. Because inside or outside, the effects are the same.

I care a lot about my health and I try to lead a healthy life. Smoking is not part of that life and I would like to keep it that way. I hope my daughters will be strong enough to never touch a cigarette. Just like me, they are very opposed to smoking. Let's hope it will stay that way.

I will not dislike you for smoking. Smoking is your choice. Just like not smoking is mine. It's a shame if smoking or not smoking becomes more important than a friendship..

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