Saturday, February 6, 2010

Being the provider

You have to make a very difficult decision. Probably the most difficult decision ever. There's a possibility you are going to be the provider of your household in a certain amount of time. You have to take these steps to lead a better life with your children. It's so unfair and it's not what you wanted, but it's how things went. You have serious doubts about your future, especially because you have 2 wonderful little girls. You have set your first steps: you found yourself a job, so you will be financially independent. It will be different for you, to be working full time and your children will have to get used to it as well. But you'll manage. I just know you will. You're a Leo, right? And Leo's know what they want and they are strong. Just like you.. Being a Leo also means that you are proud and you are used to solve your own problems. Just don't forget there are people around you, that are ready to catch you whenever you might fall. Count me in, will you?

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