Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Belgian endives and Brussels sprouts

I like neither.. But I do like Brussels waffles and Belgian chocolate!!

I'm working on making my own cook book. In the first place, it really is a book for me. There are too many recipes laying around and I can't trace my favorite recipes in the numerous cook books I own.
That's why I have decided to bundle all of my favorite recipes. It'll be easier to keep them in one book, than have them scattered all over the house. It took me a while to find a recipe template I liked, but it's there now and I've started rewriting all of my favorite recipes. I want all of them to have a uniform look and a picture of the result. It is a time-consuming pastime, but I'm having a ball. I have made some prints already, to check the outcome. And I like it!

So if you have a favorite recipe and you have the urge to share it with me, please let me know.

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